TweetCmdr is a Twitter client that is ran from the command line on a Windows system.

I will be updating TweetCmdr with the new API access shortly. Please stay tuned. If you would like instant notification when it’s released, please email me at Thanks for your patience.

This came into light when I was asked by a friend to create a small program that could update his status from a batch file.

How to use:
TweetCmdr.exe /status:"Your Tweet Here"

In v.0.3.0, there are two new command-line parameters:
This allows you use the program without connecting to Twitter and authorizing. This is a great option when used with the next one.

This will display your tweet as it will be sent to Twitter, but will not post it on Twitter

I hope you find it useful.
Email me if you have any questions or issues.

Current version:
download v.0.3.0

Previous version:
download v.0.2.0

10 Responses to TweetCmdr

  1. Ashar Khan says:

    Hey guys!

  2. great stuff !!

    it it open source?

    If yes can you share the source.

  3. admin says:

    I’m sorry, this is not open source, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

  4. EvertonCloud says:

    I use tweetcmdr few years ago. just this week it stopped working, I did the whole process of reinstalling the 0.3.0 version, and also the agreement of the PIN. Does this have solution.

    Thank you ..

  5. Kyle Shaver says:

    Any idea why I can’t send tweets using this program anymore. I use tweetcmdr to send alerts as part of my infrastructure monitoring. It used to work like a charm but now nothing gets posted. I also get no errors of any kind when I use the program. The app is still authorized in my twitter account but nothing gets sent when I use it.

    twittercmdr /status:”Hello, world!”

    This is a fantastic tool when email alerts can’t be sent out because… well… email is down. Any ideas would be greately appreciated.


  6. Tweeter says:

    Tweetcmdr is not supported anymore. Will there be an update soon for API 1.1?

  7. Marc says:

    Hi. Yes, I’m sorry for the delay. I’m working on getting a new .NET API for accessing Twitter. The one I was using is no longer available / updated. I will be posting the new version of TweetCmdr very shortly!

  8. Tweeter says:

    Dear Marc, When do you expect to have the update available?

  9. Tweeter says:

    Dear Marc

    Hopefully a new version of tweedcmdr will be available soon. Tweedcmdr is very powerfull but current version is not working anymore because of a change at Twitter…

  10. Tweeter says:

    Dear Marc

    When will the new version be available? Thanks

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